Former banker spends $75,000 to become a reptile

Tiamat Legion Medusa, left everything behind to undertake surgery in order to become a non-binary reptile. They proudly call themselves the first ever 'cross between a man and a snake.'

Horns, snake-like skin and a split tongue: Tiamat Legion Medusa has all the attributes of a reptile, and for good reason: they have spent a fortune to look like this animal!

61-year-old Tiamat Legion Medusa says they want to become a hybrid, non-genetic species, and claims to be the first 'cross between a human and a snake.' A former banker who identifies as non-binary, they left everything behind to carry out this project. A look back at their story.

An unhappy childhood

Tiamat Legion Medusa did not always want to become a snake. Their difficult childhood was marked by their abandonment by their parents. They told DailyMail:

They abandoned me in South Texas in a place that was crawling with rattlesnakes.

This marked their first contact—and fascination—with reptiles.

Taken in by their grandparents, they were abused by their grandfather. At the age of eleven, they came out as gay. They secretly dreamed of becoming a woman. In 1979, they left high school and started working as a secretary. They quickly climbed the ladder and 15 years later, they became a successful banker.

The reptilian revelation

Tiamat Legion Medusa's life changed completely in 1997, when they were diagnosed with AIDS. Still little known, the disease was at the time considered a death sentence for all carriers. The investment banker decided to make a radical change: they had their first horns implanted, fitted at a cost of $400:

As I thought I was going to die, I started to modify my body. It was a race against time. I am a trans-species reptile, I identify myself as a reptoid, half human half snake.

They underwent more than twenty surgeries, including a prostate removal and castration. They also modified their face, ears and nose. With the help of hormone treatment, they continued their transition from male to female, and then from human to reptilian.

In total, Tiamat Legion Medusa spent 75,000 USD on their transformation.

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