TikTok users are getting sick due to a disturbing 'coronavirus challenge'

TikTok influencers have been engaging in a dangerous challenge: 'licking toilet seats for coronavirus'. It is absolutely no surprise then, that in some kind of karmic justice, one of these people have contracted the virus.

A dangerous new trend is putting people at risk
A dangerous new trend is putting people at risk

The trend kicked off online after Instagram influencer and TikTok starAva Louise posted a video of herself licking an aeroplane toilet seat.

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Since then those looking for their fifteen minutes of fame have jumped on to the potentially deadly, popular act.

One man has recently been hospitalised after licking a toilet seat in California, one of the most infected states in the USA. The TikTok star, known as Larz posted the video showing him strutting into a toilet stall, kneeling down and licking it twice before turning to the camera and saying 'coronavirus challenge'.

Not only is the risk of contracting the virus likely in the trend but just imagine how many germs exist on a toilet seat in the first place. Not to mention the toilet seat was up, imagine how many missed efforts were sitting on that porcelain destined to end up in his mouth.

It is no surprise then that the influencer contracted COVID-19 and just days later shared images of himself from a hospital bed.

Larz posted from a Twitter account which has since been suspended: “I tested positive for Coronavirus."

Piers Morgan, who initially showed the video on Good Morning Britain, heavily criticised the 21-year old:

"I think this is called karma - he's got coronavirus,"

This is not the first time Morgan has jumped at the change to criticise youth for engaging in dangerous activities on social media. Just recently Morgan made his opinion apparent after another man thought it would be a great idea to lick toiletries in a Walmart.

Hopefully, Larz's unfortunate consequences won't get anyone else infected and discourage others from engaging in the dangerous trend.

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