'Trumpkins': The disturbing new Halloween trend

A new online craze has driven people to make Donald Trump jack-o-lanterns or ‘Trumpkins’ for Halloween. And we have to admit, they're both scary and scarily accurate.

'Trumpkins': The disturbing new Halloween trend
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'Trumpkins': The disturbing new Halloween trend

If you ever wondered what Donald Trump’sspray tan shade was called, its pumpkin orange.

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A new Halloween social media trend has been seeing users carve out ‘Trumpkins’ for Halloween instead of your average jack-o-lantern and the results are hilarious.

The trend first started back in 2016, the first time Trump ran for President. Now, just in time for the 2020 elections, it looks like Trumpkins have risen from the dead.

All across the US and UK people have been buying pumpkins in order to carve them into sculptures of the 45th President. And we must admit the resemblance is uncanny.

Many anti-Trumpers have compared the orange shades of the pumpkin to Donald’s famously orange fake tan.

In an effort to get creative people have also made use of paints, straw, pumpkin pulp and wigs to reconstruct the perfect rendition of Trump’s combover. Pair it with a red tie that’s far too long and a ‘Make Halloween Great Again’ sign and we’ve got a winner.

One humorous Trumpkin artist even picked up the theme to match the current events of 2020 and included a little needle injecting the President with COVID-19 medicine while being surrounded by tiny pumpkin pieces arranged to look like the coronavirus.

Another participant shared a definition online of the new sensational activity:

Definition: "Trumpkin". It's orange on the outside, hollow on the inside, and should be thrown out in November.

Another social media user commented:

I am absolutely carving a Donald Trumpkin this year. It’ll be the scariest thing in our display, and we already have a flayed dismembered head

We agree, this is definitely the scariest thing we've seen this Halloween!

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