'El Negro de WhatsApp:' Where is the man from the viral meme now?

This man's photo went viral on WhatsApp in 2015, but his life has taken a dramatic turn since then.

Viral meme to prison
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Viral meme to prison

The man from thepopular memethat went viral on WhatsApp has resurfaced. I

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He became a worldwide sensation in 2015 after a photo of his enormous manhood was shared on the now highly controversial messaging application. Was this the start of illicit junkpics? Perhaps... But nevertheless, many sought to answer the one question that was on everybody's mind: is his penis actually that big?

Photoshopped or not?

In case you're still wondering, the answer is no. El Confidencial did some research to gather information about the man and his big manhood. They were only able to obtain information regarding the person who had shared the picture.

The person who posted the image goes by the nicknameaquastorm427. He lives in New York and edits photos of private partsusing Photoshop for a living. Interesting job, no? The popular meme of the black man was one of his Photoshop creations. So there you have it, it wasall fake.

Where is he now?

But what become of the man in the picture? Well, he made headlines some years after his rise to fame. Years later, his life has taken a dramatic turn. Things are not looking good for him at all.

He's been dealing with serious legal issues. The man was sent to jail for scamming 10 women through a dating app. Furthermore, he was charged with drug trafficking. Police found $140,000 in counterfeit money in his home.

Check out the video above to see the photo for yourself.

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