This UFC Fighter Avoids A Takedown In The Most Spectacular Fashion

This UFC Fighter Avoids A Takedown In The Most Spectacular Fashion

The fight, the main strength for UFC champions.

Over the last few years, UFC champions have proved that control is a major part of MMA and the most dominant of these champions do actually have exceptional control. Daniel Cormier managed to become one of the best by regularly working on this skill. During his last attempt to defend his title against Derrick Lewis, DC proved he was superior in his discipline against a simple striker. Khabib Murmagomedov, one of the best lightweight fighters in history, proves with each of his fights in the ring that the fight can always get too much for you no matter who you’re up against. And Kamaru Usman, the recently crowned undisputed welterweight champion, isn’t about to contradict that.

As well as being incredibly strong, these fighters are also extremely agile as can be seen in the footage above of a fighter avoiding a single leg takedown with an impressive backflip. Although modern day fighters need to be experienced in all areas, control is without a doubt one of the most important parts.

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Check out the video above to see the footage for yourself! 

Anna Wilkins
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