He Broke Into A House... But He Wasn't Expecting To Meet An Expert MMA Fighter

DC and Marvel superheroes can step aside, MMA fighters are real-life heroes when it comes to stopping criminals.

© Sergio Hernandez

MMA fighters and bad guys don’t seem to get along so well, far from it actually. In this new episode of MMA fighters taking criminals out, Sergio Hernandez steps up as the protector of the peace and guardian of his family’s home. Hernandez saw a man in his father’s yard and went to check out what was going on, what happens next will shock you.

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Clearly agitated, the man in question said that he was being chased by a dog and was looking for somewhere to hide. Sergio calmly shows the gentleman the way out. Once back inside his father’s house, he realises a window is broken and that the man was actually a burglar. Things suddenly aren’t so calm anymore.

Sergio then goes to find the burglar, brings him back inside the house and immobilises him on the ground. Easy for an MMA fighter who is also a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. Choked out, the burglar is kept under control until the police arrive.

All’s well that ends well!

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