UFC Flashback: Jose Aldo's Best Knockouts

After the race to be the best featherweight fighter ever, Jose Aldo will soon be making his debut in the bantamweight division at the UFC 245. Let’s have a look back at some of his best KOs since he began his journey.

Joe Aldo
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Joe Aldo

33-year-old Jose Aldo has well and truly already won his place in the UFC Hall of Fame. The Brazilian is undoubtedly one of the best fighters of all time and before he was robbed of this title by Conor McGregor, he had an incredibly scorecard of 18 consecutive wins.

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Despite a decrease in his performance and two defeats against Max Holloway, Jose Aldo is still better than most. His fights against Jeremy Stephens and Renato Moicano are proof of just this and he is still able to step up to some of the best athletes in the world of this sport.


Over the course of his long career which began over fifteen years ago, Jose Aldo has fought in the octagon 33 times and of his 28 wins, 17 of them were won before the final bell sounded. The Brazilian is an elite striker and is able to find his opponent’s weakness in a fraction of a second.

Chad Mendes, Jeremy Stephens, Renato Moicano, the Korean Zombie and Cub Swanson have all fallen victim to the Brazilian fighter. Be it through a flying knee in less than 10 seconds (Swanson) or a body shot from hell (Stephens), Aldo almost always manages to find his way to victory without having to wait for the final bell to toll.

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