MMA Fighter Deported After Brutal Attack On Innocent Man In The Street

A young Australian MMA fighter has caused uproar after he left an innocent man in the street unconscious. At just 19 years old, he was put on trial after the fight he was involved in ended with one knockout punch. Watch our video to see the fateful punch.

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Caleb Maraku is an upcoming star on the MMA scene. At just 19 years old the young talent he has shown is proof that he has a destined career in the industry.

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'We can confirm that Mr Maraku was detained ... by the Australian Border Force, ahead of his removal from Australia,' an Australian Border Force spokesman said.

That was the case until he decided to knock an innocent bystander out, in a street fight. Luckily for him, he narrowly avoided a 12-month prison sentence.

"If you come into invited into somebody’s home, it’s no different to being the residents of that house, you don’t start assaulting Australian citizens, you are shown the door,' he told Channel Nine.

His actions proved to be even more shocking after he didn’t appear to show any remorse following the confrontation. He even posed with journalists for selfies after leaving court. Professional MMA fighters have now called to teach him a lesson by with several of them calling him out for a fight in the octagon.

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