This MMA fighter decided to drink a fan's beer between rounds

Brazilian fighter Paulo Goncalves Silva surprised the world by deciding to drink from a spectator's beer between two rounds in the middle of a fight. But he didn't do it by accident, he later revealed the reason for this strange act.

This MMA Fighter Decided To Drink
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This MMA Fighter Decided To Drink

Relations between MMA fans and fighters can sometimes be difficult. We all remember the spectator who climbed into the octagon after a fight to slap one of the fighters in the ring, or the fighter who attacked a fan sitting in the front row.

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Unique MMA moments

This time, it was a much less tense scene that the spectators at the Fusion Fighting Championship, a small Peruvian MMA organisation, were witness to. At an evening event in Lima, Peru, 34-year-old Brazilian veteran Paulo Goncalves Silva offered a hilarious moment to the fans.

Between rounds, the man known as Bananada asked a man sitting in the front row to give him a pint of beer to quench his thirst. This surrealist scene amused commentators and has made the tour of social networks.

Thirsty fighter

Contacted by the MMA Fighting website, the Brazilian veteran with a record of 23 wins for 16 career losses explained this act, and gave a specific reason for it.

I had a beer before the fight as well. I felt alone there. I wanted some water but couldn’t find any. I had a glass of Coca Cola instead, but that made me more thirsty, so I had a sip of beer before the fight started. That quenched my thirst better than the Coca Cola. The cornermen there weren’t there to help me warm up in the cage between rounds, so, as a form of protest, I didn’t want to drink that water. I went for the beer instead and that’s it. F*ck it.

Unfortunately for him, his strategy didn't work because he lost to Johnny Iwasaki by unanimous decision at the end of the three rounds. So it turns out that beer doesn't help to improve one’s performance? How strange!

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