What Happens When An MMA Fighter Takes On A Series Of Elite Russian Soldiers

Russian special forces, also known as Spetsnaz are known for their hand to hand combat skills. After being put to the challenge of fighting a professional MMA fighter, they all failed miserably resulting in them all being put to the floor in seconds… Except one soldier, who hit back!

MMA Russia
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MMA Russia

The Russian special forces unit known as Spetsnaz was created during the Spanish war. Masters in the art of sabotage, more and more intervention groups like this were created in World War 2 to assist the Red Army. The recruitment process for this unit is notorious for being incredibly rigorous and intense. They must therefore know how to fight perfectly with bare hands, and know close range hand to hand combat techniques to put their adversaries out of harm’s way.

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In this video, you can see a training session of the in famous Spetsnaz in close hand to hand combat with a professional MMA fighter. The latter being a real colossus, he is incredibly difficult to move and is evidently a muscular powerhouse. Because of this, the series of Russian soldiers fail in trying to defeat him. The last soldier however, who incidentally is a lot frailer and smaller than the others, manages to put the beast to the ground.

The whippet of a man finally manages to get his opponent in a stranglehold who inevitably gives up and faces facts. If anything it teaches us that strength, size and weight aren’t everything in a close hand to hand combat, confirming the old saying that 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall.'

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