Why It's Not Necessary To Set A Budget For Your Next Holiday

Setting a budget might seem like a sensible thing to do when you're planning a holiday but some experts are saying you should do away with setting a budget altogether...

'The concept of the budget is imperfect', says Brad Klontz, psychologist and financial advisor. 'The emotional part of your brain responds to the word "budget" in the same way that it responds to the word 'regime': connotation is deprivation, suffering, agony and depression'.

Instead you should be focusing on the amount of free time you have, and think about how you would like to enjoy it: Three-day weekends at the sea, a longer holiday, and a week's rest at home, for example.

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Now think about where you would like to go. Want to go to Thailand? Great choice! Look at the airline tickets, make the necessary total expenses, and start putting the money aside now. A San Francisco State University research proves this: Those who spend their money in experiences rather than on objects are happier and don't feel guilty about spending. Enjoy your holidays with less stress and make some special memories!

Stacey Williams
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