Ecotourism - The Holiday Trend Of 2019

From the decline of fast fashion and the spread of hydro-engines, 2019 witnesses the surge of the sustainability trend by cracking into the realm of modern travel.

Ecotourism - The Holiday Trend Of 2019
Ecotourism - The Holiday Trend Of 2019

Holidaymakers have begun consciously looking towards ecotourism when planning their holiday destinations and activities.

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But what is ecotourism? The overall premise involves ensuring an equally enjoyable and luxury experience for holiday relaxers and keen adventurers alike while considering more sustainable options, with the aim to reduce our carbon footprint.

Strikingly, this is not a new trend but one that has been spiralling in popularity since the 1980s. A whopping 87% of current tourists are requesting ethical travel solutions on an international scale thanks to the many benefits of ecotourism.

Smarter travel is not only tailored towards the casual backpackers but also offer bucketlist-worthy destinations which simultaneously appeal to the jetsetter lifestyle.

Fortunately, this trend does not mean giving up on the Bali dream we see painted across social media. A prime example of ecotourism can be found at The Alila Manggis, a stylish seaside resort offering tourists authentic expeditions as part of their luxury holiday stay. By offering to join the motion, “dive against debris” guests become immersed in the natural wildlife and can experience the authentic beauty of Bali guilt-free.

With the rapid increase in popularity, we can expect to see this trend operating on an international scale. With more and more tropical resorts jumping on the eco-bandwagon, we are likely to see similar opportunities due to high demand!

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