Here's the latest on international travel, and spending the summer in Spain

Don’t cancel your summer holiday plans just yet, except if you’re going to Spain.

International Travel in the UK
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International Travel in the UK

Social distancing, or not, face masks have now become mandatory on beaches in Spain. If you were thinking about tanning under the hot Spanish sun, you might want to reconsider—just imagine the tan lines on your face.

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But first, will it even be possible to travel abroad this summer?

Currently, travelling abroad is illegal, unless you have specific education, or job-related excuses. Travellers who are caught without a valid reason will be fined £5000. Though the restrictions are extremely tight right now, authorities remain quietly optimistic that international travel will resume just in time for the summer holidays. Health Secretary, Matt Hancock spoke in ITV’s This Morning, and explained that it all depends on the research that is being done to examine the efficacy of the vaccines against the emerging variants. He explained:

We're not yet sure, but we're doing the science in Porton Down, and watching very closely, and if that all goes well, then we haven't got a problem and then we'll be much more relaxed about international travel.
The door is not shut on foreign holidays this summer, it's just too early to say.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is set to reveal his holiday roadmap on 5 April, and good news might be on the forecast. The Independent talked to travel consultant, Paul Charles, and he is looking forward to the PM’s announcement. He said:

I’d read much positivity into the fact we’re going to get one overseas travel announcement on 5 April and then greater detail on the 12.

If international holidays do resume in the summer, things will still be very different, especially if you’re going to Spain.

Spending the summer in Spain

On Tuesday, the Spanish government tightened the rules on face masks in public spaces, and this means face masks on the beach, while you’re tanning.

The new rule dictates that everyone above the age of six is obliged to wear a face mask in outdoor spaces, even if there is a social distance of 1.5 metres.

As of now, the rule is expected to last until the pandemic is over. So, if you are planning a holiday in Spain, be prepared to follow the rules!

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