These Are The World's Weirdest Houses

These Are The World's Weirdest Houses
These Are The World's Weirdest Houses

Here’s an overview of the most original houses on the planet!

Architecture is a form of art in its own right! Every building can make its own mark in the architecture world and each creation can be completely new and innovative. All the proof you need is in this list of a few dozen of the most original buildings found throughout the world!

Here is a small overview of what you can expect to find in this slideshow:

- A house shaped like a teapot in the United States

- A house in a plane in Lebanon

- A house shaped like a basket in Ohio

- A really crooked house in Poland

- A house made from solar panels in France

- A house perching in a tree in Canada, the country of the lumberjacks

- A house in a tree in the middle of a luxurious forest

- A house shaped like a flying saucer in Florida, USA

- A strawberry-shaped house in Tokyo, Japan

- An upside-down house in Russia

A complete anthology of extravagant constructions which are probably the talk of the town wherever they are. Although some are splendid, we’re not sure however that we’d like to live in some of these original houses. And it’s not always so obvious how they get furniture inside. But what about you, do any of these houses make you want to pack up your bags?

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