This German psychic predicted World War III

Alois Irlmaier was originally a well builder, but in the course of his life he became very famous in Germany. He is also said to have predicted World War III.

Seer Alois Irlmaier prophesied World War III: he warned of a Russian invasion and death by dust
© Stijn Swinnen
Seer Alois Irlmaier prophesied World War III: he warned of a Russian invasion and death by dust

The statements of the Bavarian psychic Alois Irlmaiermight now be real since parts of Nostradamus' predictions have already been fulfilled and the dire forecasts of Baba Wanga do not appear to be merely empty words.

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According to Irlmaier, difficult times are ahead

Already between 1947 and 1957, the Bavarian is said to have been talking about World War III, in which both nuclear and chemical weapons were used. According to Questico, the trigger for the disastrous scenario is the 'assassination of a high-ranking politician at a peace conference in Budapest.'

Even then, Irlmaier predicted that there wouldfirst be a lightning attack in Sweden, Poland and Finland, after which a subsequent war would break out in Europe, which would 'bring about a three-day darkness.'

He does not name an exact year for the events, but there are other indications that the period in question could be the year 2022.

According toKosmo, other events supposedly indicating the war include :

  1. There is apostasy like never before
  2. This is followed by a corruption of morals like never before
  3. Then a large number of strangers come into the country
  4. There is a great inflation
  5. The revolution follows soon after
  6. Then the Russians invaded the West overnight

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How reliable are Alois Irlmaier's prophecies?

Even back then, Irlmaier is said to have amazed his fellow human beings with the precision of his predictions. During the Second World War, for example, he is said to have known where bombs would fall, and it was only due to his vision that he was able to find missing soldiers.

Here is more proof- an anecdote from a newspaper from 1949 is said to prove his special skills. In the Munich Merkur it said at the time:

Recently the clairvoyant Alois Irlmaier was invited to a celebration in Hammerau, a small town near Freilassing. In the evening, while the group was drinking happily, a retired colonel, whom Irlmaier had been staring at for some time, raised his glass, slightly irritated, and said patronizingly: 'Well then, Irlmaier, let's drink to your health too!'
Irlmaier didn't take his eyes off him and replied icily: 'Do koane Meis, you'll never live in three days!' The company that Irlmaier knew fell silent in dismay, only the colonel burst out laughing. 'What, where I'm still in the prime of life, Don't make any idle jokes!' and kept having fun. Three days later, at five o'clock in the afternoon, he passed away from a stroke.

His predictions are certainly not reassuring, but they should not be given too much importance either.

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