This one question can help you handle rejection

When faced with adversity, not everyone reacts in the same manner. There are, nevertheless, ways to handle rejection.

This one question can help you handle rejection
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This one question can help you handle rejection

There is a prevalent fear of rejection, whether it is in the professional or personal environment. The 'no' sent by the other mostly appears to us as an insult. That person you adore but who tells you they don't feel the same way about you, or the bank that won't give you credit for the home of your dreams.

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There are several instances of rejection. However, the wisest individuals would adhere to one guideline in order to overcome all of this.

The fear of rejection

INC share with us the experience of young entrepreneur Jia Jiang. He had a phobia of rejection. The slightest 'no' received from acquaintances, when he was just asking if he could go to a party with them or if he could recommend some food at a restaurant, quickly turned into real aggression in his eyes.

Jia Jang will plunge when his desire to create his own company will be hampered by the reluctance of potential investors. Yet paradoxically, he will begin to transform the 'no' into 'yes' with his perseverance.

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The technique to counter rejection

Jia Jang is not a superman, he is only a person who, after many failures, managed to see beyond the present obstacles. Only one question managed to change the 'no' into 'yes': 'Why?' He explains that with this simple word, the person in front of him very often changed their speech. Especially accompanied by, 'no, but I can offer you that.'

The technique to counter rejection

The goal is to ask 'why' with manners of course. Jia explains that there are several types of no. There is a firm one, which everyone must respect and which will not change. There's the 'no, but maybe' and there's the 'no, not like you just told me.' To do this, he uses a precise technique:

  • Always ask 'why?' It can bring you closer to what you want or make you understand what is it that the other person wants.
  • Don't get stuck on a 'no.' The main thing is how you will react to a no. The aim is to keep trying until you succeed, using a healthier, better method each time.

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