War in Ukraine: Russia is using this unknown technology against Ukraine

The Russians have been using this never-seen-before technology against the Ukrainian's air defence system.

Russia is using unknown technology in the war against Ukraine
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Russia is using unknown technology in the war against Ukraine

Putin and his supporters are throwing everything they’ve got to secure victory against Ukraine. According to German media fr.de, it includes using never-seen-before technologies including missiles that have changeable bodies. These missiles can bypass radars and as a result defensive missiles as well. The crucial information was reported by The New York Times, who claims to have gotten it from an intelligence official.

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Missiles with decoys

According to the official, who wishes to remain unnamed, Iskander-M missiles are fired by Russian forces beyond the borders of their mobile launch pads. They reach distances of up to 500 kilometres.

The special feature of these weapons is that they are equipped with decoys. The arrow-shaped decoys are about 30 centimetres long and are painted orange and white. They are activated when the missiles are targeted by air defence systems.

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Problems in the Ukrainian air defence

Each of the decoys is equipped with electronics that emit radio signals to jam the Ukrainian army’s radar systems—which are used to detect Iskander-M missiles. The decoy missiles could explain why the Ukrainian air defences are having such great difficulty.

On social media, pictures of the missile are making rounds and causing quite the stir. Richard Stevens, who spent 22 years in the British Army and then continued as a civilian bomb specialist shared images of the missile on CAT-UXO, a database for explosive devices.

The article has been translated from Gentside DE.

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