This is the ultimate hack to hide a receding hairline

A video has gone viral showing people who struggle with hair loss how to hide their receding hairlines.

TikTok user Kegs (@kegs97) has amassed quite the following after posting a video titled 'How I hide my receding hairline!' that has since gone viral.

How to trick the eye

The video in question has racked up a whopping 4.6 million views and more than 310,000 likes which is no surprise considering this is an issue that many struggle with on a daily basis.

In the video, the TikToker demonstrates how he uses cheap and accessible tools to make it look like he has much more hair than he really does. In the clip, he explains:

After I shower, I quickly blow-dry it with a hairdryer. I then grab some dark brown root spray and spray over where the receding hairline is - this hides any gaps underneath the fringe and gives it a fuller, thicker look. I then quickly curl up my fringe - my hair's naturally really straight, so this helps a lot.

Before adding:

I then grab some Got2B styling gel and rub it through my hair—this gives it texture and volume and puts it into place. Finally I grab some Got2B hairspray, spraying it all over so that it stays in position. And voila! That's the finished product of how to hide a fat receding hairline.

How I hide my receding hairline! 💇‍♂️ #hairtutorial#mensbeauty#fyp

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Social media response

Though many were quick to praise and thank the user for sharing such a valuable beauty hack, other's commented on how the video would only fuel shallowness. However, the TikToker defended the video by saying that there is no harm is enhancing one's natural beauty:

For anyone giving me [poo emoji], no I won't go bald and no I'm not really self conscious about it, I just like to make myself look as best I possibly can.
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