This Woman Has Finally Finished Her Transformation After Spending Over £40k

Eva Tiamat Medusa, born Richard Hernandez in Arizona in the 1960s, has spent the last thirty years transforming herself into a lizard. Wait until you see the final result in action!

Eva considers herself to be not only transgender but 'trans-species' as she identifies as both human and reptilian.

A difficult childhood

At the age of five, Eva was abandoned outdoors by her parents along with two of her siblings in the middle of the night. It was here that Eva claims to have experienced a 'second birth' to her 'reptilian parents' the western diamondback rattlesnakes.

This was the basis of Eva's love of all things reptilian and the reason she identifies as a reptile herself.

Whilst Eva claims that she loved high school - participating in football, school plays and pig-rearing - her home life was always difficult and she felt that she wasn't able to do the things she wanted to do - like cooking with her grandmother - because she had been born into a male body.

HIV diagnosis

Still living as a gay man, Eva - then known as Richard - went on to become a successful vice-president of one of America's top banks.

However, an HIV diagnosis in 1990 spurred her to make changes to her life - deciding that she did not want to die a human. It was then that Eva began her transformation.

Eva's extreme modifications

Eva has so far spent over £42,000 on modifying her body to become more like the western diamondback rattlesnakes.

She has had eight horns implanted onto her forehead and the whites of her eyes stained permanently green. Her ears and most of her teeth have been removed and her nose has been reshaped to resemble the flat nose of a snake. Her face and body are heavily tattooed with 'scales' and her tongue is cut in half to become like a snake's forked tongue.

But this still isn't enough for Eva, who told The Wizard Of Odd:

'My greatest desire in life is to continue my body modification until my metamorphosis is complete. This is what drives me – this is the reason why I get up every day and live.'

Check out the video above to see more of Eva and her incredible journey...

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