This woman's foetus was pregnant with her own twin brother

This woman’s pregnancy bewildered the doctors after they found something strange in her foetus.

Foetus preggo
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Foetus preggo

Now, this is a really strange story of pregnancy, so hold your horses! Monica Vega and her husband went to the hospital to have their run-of-the-mill ultrasound of their baby. They were seven months pregnant and eager to get a look at their little foetus, when suddenly the doctors noticed something rather strange and completely surprising.

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Routine check up

Up until this ultrasound, everything was going according to plan. The baby, who they named Itzamara, was healthy and the mother’s condition was also great. But then the gynaecologist discovered that something was growing inside the little one’s belly. After careful analysis and consultation with the specialists, Dr. Miguel Parra, an expert in high-risk pregnancies, confirmed the diagnosis—the baby had a parasitic twin, or a ‘foetus in a foetu.’ To simplify, it means Itzamara had a twin brother that was developing inside her own body.

How is this possible?

The pregnancy of the foetus is indeed an exceptionally rare occurrence, which happens when the twins split too late. As a result, the sibling develops inside the other, kind of like a parasite. Luckily for Itzamara and her parents, it had no negative effects on the baby. So, the doctors suggested that the parents remain calm and let the pregnancy run its full course.

Once the baby was ready to come out, Monica was scheduled for a c-section and Itzamara came out perfectly healthy. The last thing that the doctors had to do was just take out the foetus growing inside her, so they performed a caesarean on little Itzamara the same day.

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