This Young Woman Has A Very Unusual Interest In The Bedroom

Described as a 'hell of a lot of bouncy fun' in a nutshell, this is a little more 'out there' than your typical foot fetish... More info after the jump.

This Young Woman Has A Very Unusual Interest In The Bedroom
This Young Woman Has A Very Unusual Interest In The Bedroom

For anyone reaching their early twenties and beyond, it isn't terribly unusual to get a little experimental in the sack. However, whilst we've got our more conventional, yet outlandish fetishes - whether that's feet or latex boots - the one we'll be talking about today is a little more obscure.

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Let's begin by introducing the main woman associated with the said fetish: Maggy 'BerLoon' (as you read on, it'll become clear why that isn't her real surname). Indeed, Maggy Berloon has an unusual sexual interest in, well, balloons. Confident with who she is, she turns her passion into a mission. That is, to diffuse the stigma surrounding the lives of 'Looners', a term coined for those who share Maggy's interest in inflatables.

Supposing like with any object designed for sexual pleasure, Looners like Maggy herself enjoy incorporating balloons into their ordinary bedroom fun. "Most Looners get aroused by actually playing with balloons – sitting on them or rubbing them, and doing the deed on them, alone or with one or more persons," Maggy explains. "Others just love to watch other people playing with them in a teasing way."

In fact, Maggy wants to contribute what she can in order to get rid of the embarrassment that balloon fetishists might face and has even co-founded her very own market for inflatables, Balloons United, alongside her husband Jan - who is, of course, likeminded in this endeavor. Indeed, the couple cater for a wide variety of interests, sexual or non-sexual, by offering unique, biodegradable balloons made of natural latex. Because we want to remain sustainable while getting sexy, no matter your mojo.

Although 'Looning' definitely isn't a concept most of us are used to, it isn't terribly different from any other passion or kink and Maggy embraces her freedom to express it: "Everyone should own the right to discover themselves, as well as their desires without being afraid or feeling ashamed. It’s all about enjoying your life to its fullest, whatever this means individually – of course, if its legal and doesn’t harm anybody."

Weird or mainstream, that doesn't seem like the worst framework to follow!

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