David Beckham censored after unusual ban in China

The Chinese Ministry of Sport is making specific decisions about the appearance of players on the Chinese national football team. And, this is what happened to David Beckham.

Tattoos were nearly unknown in China 40 years ago, when the nation had just recently opened its doors to the global economy and foreign cultures. Now they have become more widespread among younger urbanites who consider them as fashion or an artistic expression.

But the government has started cracking down on tattoos, and recently had former English midfielder, David Beckham, blurred during a reportage on Chinese state television.

Tattoo ban

As the global pandemic continues to grow and federations begin to introduce restrictions in several leagues like Germany, China apparently has other things on their mind.

The Ministry of Sports has banned men's national team players from wearing tattoosand is even asking those who already have them to remove them. But what is the reason for this new regulation?

As early as 1,000 BC, Chinese kings tattooed prisoners' faces or bodies as a form of punishment. Because of this history, some Chinese people regard tattoos as a sign of shame. China also believes that men wearing tattoos violates their masculinity and would be an image problem for head coach Li Xiaopeng's team.

David Beckham censored in China

David Beckham is an international football star, thanks to his great career in England with Manchester United and with Real Madrid, making him one of the most popular footballers in the world.

This is not the first time China has censored the player. The Englishman's tattoos have bothered China in the past. It was vital for them to hide the tattoos David has on his upper body.

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