Scientists reveal we've all been eating our burgers wrong

Without a burger, the combination of lettuce, tomatoes, meat and condiments would just be considered a salad. However, researchers have revealed the one way we might be ruining our experiences with the best meal on earth... The way we hold our burgers.

As it turns out, the classic thumbs on the bottom and fingers on the top technique just isn't cutting it. This is why those first few bites of your burger send the filling flying outthe end.

A group of researchers from the fields of fluid mechanics, dentistry and engineering have discovered that we have been holding our burgers entirely the wrong way. But, they also have a solution.

Back in 2014, the studious group spent four months discovering which burger holding method results in the least spillage. They then released their findings on the Japanese television gossip show Honma Dekka!?

On the show, the chuffed group shared diagrams of burgers showing how all of the elements interact with each other. They then showed what happens when a person holds a burger the wrong way, all the filling gets squished out.

The findings showed that the best technique requires the person to not be holding their burger too tightly as this can squish the filling. This, of course, feels totally contradicting in our mind as the natural reaction of something slipping is to hold it tighter.

But that is just one handy tip. Check out the video above to see how you should really be holding your burger.

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