This abandoned floating McDonald's is the world's most haunted fast food restaurant

In Vancouver, Canada, there is a creepy abandoned barge with a surprising history - it used to be a floating McDonald's restaurant.

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Eric Bruce is a Youtuber from Canada who has a webseries called 'Vancouver's Worst Ghost Hunters'. For one of his videos, he decided to check out the 'haunted' abandoned barge that had been floating in the Burrard Inlet in Vancouver since 1991.

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The Friendship 500

The barge, officially called the Friendship 500, is commonly known as the 'McBarge' because it used to be a McDonald's restaurant. Built for an exhibition in 1986, it was the second floating McDonald's in the world, after one in St. Louis.

It was intended to showcase future architecture and technology. After the exhibition, it was moved to a new location in Vancouver and continued to operate as a McDonald's until 1991 when it was left derelict.

Used as a filming location

In 2003, the barge was used as a filming location in the movie Blade: Trinity.In 2009, the barge's owner submitted a proposal to turn the barge into the centrepiece of a waterfront development featuring restaurants and boating excursions. However, these plans were rejected because of concerns about noise and environmental issues.

Finally, in 2015, after almost 30 years, the barge was moved to a new location in British Colombia, where it is undergoing works costing $5 million.

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