A Teenager's Fast Food Diet Causes Him To Go Blind

A teenager went blind from eating too much fast food for many years.

Fast Food are Unhealthy
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Fast Food are Unhealthy

When you think about the consequences of a bad diet, the first things that come to mind are weight gain, obesity, cancer and cardiovascular problems. But a poor diet can also be very bad for your nervous system and eyesight, and can lead to a gradual loss of sight. This is what happened to a teenager who ate nothing but french fries, chips and other fast food for several years.

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Early warning signs

The symptoms started when he was 14. At the time, the young man had been diagnosed with anemia, a decrease in red blood cells, and low levels of vitamin B12. A year later, he began to develop vision and hearing problems. But after performing several tests, including an MRI, health professionals were unable to identify their cause.

The adolescent's eyesight gradually deteriorated, and he was legally blind by age 17, his vision being 20/200 in both eyes. He was diagnosed with toxic and nutritional deficiency optic neuropathy.

The teenager was prescribed dietary supplements and given nutrition and diet advice, to prevent his condition from getting any worse. He was also referred to eating disorder services.

Toxic and nutritional deficiency optic neuropathy can be caused by a poor diet but also by the use of drugs or alcohol.

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