Coronavirus: Should you stop going to the gym?

Do you have to give up going to the gym to avoid catching the coronavirus? Find out below!

Coronavirus: Should you stop going to the gym?
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Coronavirus: Should you stop going to the gym?

Are you completely addicted to going to the gym and never miss an opportunity to go? With the coronavirus situation as serious as it is nowadays, you’re going to have to adapt to a new routine, because it turns out the gym is one of the most risky public areas. Here's what you need to know.

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The gym, the perfect place for the virus to spread

Should we still be frequenting public places such as restaurants or gyms? This question is cropping up more and more nowadays and recent measures have been put into place across Europe to avoid the virus spreading including schools being shut, retirement home visits being limited, people being encouraged to work from home and only travelling when necessary to name a few. Our whole lives have been flipped upside down!

But what about the gym? Just like any other public area, the gym is still a confined and busy space. Therefore, it’s not at all impossible that a machine hasn’t been used by a person carrying the virus. What’s more, the gym is also a place where people are constantly in close proximity to each other. Machines are placed quite close together and people breathe heavily when exercising… The risk and possibility of the virus being transmitted is therefore very high.

How to adapt your exercise routine

On the other hand, limiting how often we visit public spaces can quickly become problematic. Therefore, it is preferable to reduce your gym visits and exercise at home or outside instead. If it is possible, go to gym that is well ventilated and not too busy.

During these times, it is essential to step up your game when it comes to hygiene. Disinfect your machine both BEFORE and AFTER you have used it, wash your hands between each exercise and avoid group activities or classes where there are too many people. This will, in turn, reduce your chances of being infected by someone near you.

Finally, and if space permits it, you could always use alternate treadmills or machines in order to be as safe as possible.

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