Dalby Vs Houston: The Bloodbath Forced The Referee To Stop The Butchery

This bloody fight came courtesy of the Cage Warriors. Ross Houston and Nicolas Dalby fought a real war that ended in blood... and joy!

© CW 106: Night of Champions

Critics of the MMA often like to criticise this discipline by highlighting an excess of violence that they consider to be immoral. However, deaths are very rare, much less so than in boxing. But the possibility of using elbows regularly leads to injuries and knockouts that are more spectacular than dangerous.

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We particularly remember the terrible fight recently between MacFarlane and Arteaga at the Bellator. Or Gunnar Nelson's submission to Cowboy Oliveira, particularly bloody after a devastating ground and pound.

This time, Cage Warriors was the scene of a terrible battle between Nicolas Dalby and Ross Houston. At the ‘CW 106: Night of Champions’ in London, the two men competed to determine who would be the champion in the welterweight category.

Referee forced to intervene

Danish veteran Dalby, a former UFC player (including a draw with Darren Till), wanted to dethrone the undefeated Scottish champion. While the fight seemed to be well underway for the Dane, a superb elbow opened left him with a cut above his eyebrow, a particularly sensitive area.

Obviously, during each ground round, ‘Lokomotivo’ sprayed his opponent with his blood... Most importantly, he broke Houston's nose, which then started to bleed profusely. Referee Marc Goddard had to intervene several times to stop the bleeding, and he finally decided to stop this duel which ended with a no contest in the 3rd round. A decision that seemed to delight both fighters.

An epic battle that reminds us of the magnificent war between Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller in 2012, or even the superb title fight between Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald in 2015.

After winning the fight this Japanese MMA competitor attacks the referee After winning the fight this Japanese MMA competitor attacks the referee