This Is What Happens When WWE Star Dave Bautista Takes On MMA

When one of the biggest wrestling stars enters MMA, it’s obviously going to attract a lot of attention! But what can should we be expecting?

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The link between wrestling and MMA has always been quite small. Although WWE stars are used to choreographed fights where blows aren’t actually delivered, they are still amazing athletes and the majority of them have a history of being great fighters.

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You only have to look at Brock Lesnar’s level when he was a UFC star to be convinced of this, even though CM Punk’s recent transition has slightly ruined this positive image…

The wrestling superstar ‘Bautista’ decided to have a go at MMA in 2012. It was somewhat surprising to see his gladiator physique, but does he have a good technique? The wrestler went up against Vince Lucero in a fight that wasn’t very fair. Who do you think will be the better fighter?

A wrestler who hasn’t yet developed all his MMA fighting techniques yet but is unusually strong and has a history of fighting or a veteran who has already established himself in this fighting sport (but with a questionable record of 22 wins against 25 defeats), despite not being as fit as his opponent?

The result, it has to be said, is more than disappointing… There was a glaring lack of technique, and the two fighters were quickly out of breath! But Bautista won the match.

Check out the video above to see Bautista's MMA skills for yourself!

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