6 signs your semen is healthy and strong

You may not be able to tell if your sperm is healthy by looking at it but there are a few signs. Learn about the additional symptoms of sperm strength.

6 Signs your semen is healthy and strong
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6 Signs your semen is healthy and strong

When you and your partner are trying to conceive, you will be bombarded with advice on how to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. One technique is to make sure your sperm is in good shape. The quantity and quality of sperm can have a significant impact on your life. It basically defines your sperm health. So, how would you know if your sperm is healthy?

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It is impossible to know if your sperm is healthy merely by looking at it. But there are a few things that can help you judge better.

Your sperm is white or light in colour

Normal sperm is white to light grey in colour. The presence of flakes in the sperm or a yellowish or greenish tint in the sperm generally indicates the presence of infection. Reddish or brownish staining could suggest that there is blood in your sperm. If the appearance of your ejaculate differs from what you're used to, you should see a doctor right away.

Your diet is processed meats free

It was found in a study that the males who ate more processed meats had lower implantation rates. As such, increasing quantities of saturated fat present in processed beef impacts male fertility.

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You are a boxer guy

Compression clothing may help you perform better in sports, but it won't help you increase your sperm count. Underwear that is too tight, such as tiny briefs and trunks, might raise the temperature around your scrotum, destroying sperm.

You exercise

Various factors, such as lifestyle and physical exercise, can have an impact on male fertility. A physically active man will most likely be in better physical shape and, as a result, have better quality sperm. There is no fixed number of hours that you must exercise to improve your sperm quality. Nonetheless, exercising regularly is highly recommended.

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You eat fatty fish

Salmon and tuna, as well as any other fatty fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, should be in your grocery cart the next time you go shopping. Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, which are abundant in fish, have been demonstrated to increase sperm count and structure. Simply adding a plate of fatty fish to your diet will improve your sperm health.

You don’t smoke

Cigarettes not only raise your chances of getting cancer, but they can also lower your sperm count by damaging the DNA in your sperm. So, if you are a frequent smoker, chances are your sperm is not as healthy as you would think.

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