Weight Loss: What You Need To Do In Addition To Exercise

Just doing exercise won’t guarantee fat loss. A large part of the work happens in the kitchen.

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Doing exercise is often associated with weight loss, which is logical. However, a lot of people don’t manage to melt away the excess fat from their body, and this is usually because of a poorly suited diet.

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Losing weight is like maths

To put all this weight loss into a simple formula, we can look to maths. What we absorb throughout the day is fuel; every bit of food and every meal contains a certain number of calories. These calories are burned when our body moves, a bit like a car with petrol.

Only if the calories aren’t used up, our body is going to stock up on them and form a layer of fat. It’s a simple equation: to lose weight, we have to use up more calories than we ingest - in principle.

Don’t deprive yourself of food

Doing exercise is particularly advisable in order to lose the excess fat you may have accumulated through the winter months – as long as you stop eating all those mince pies, of course. Not eating anything is obviously going to be very efficient since your body is going to dip into its reserves in order to function, but this is absolutely not the right way to go about it.

Reducing your food consumption is going to lead to frustration and your body’s going to remember that feeling straight away in the future. Why do we say that we eat double when we finish a diet? Because your body makes fat reserves, in case it finds itself in a similar situation where food is lacking.

Think long-term

You've got to make sure that what you're consuming meets your energy requirements. Vary your diet, be careful not to eat too much fat and especially sugar, and limit your alcohol consumption. Yes, this can seem like a real chore to start with. The goal isn’t to keep this up for a month, but for the rest of your life. Going on a diet isn’t the solution – what you should really put in place is something which suits you in the long term.

Stay away from fad diets and miracle solutions which work in just a few weeks. There’s no secret, if you want to lose your fat, you have to pay a bit of attention to what you put on your plate (and in your glass). Your sporting performances will benefit no end as well. Take care of your body: it will thank you.

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