Ever Wonder How Street Performers Are Able To Make It Look Like They're Levitating?

You’ve probably come across this type of artist in the street at one point or another. If you have never understood how they perform their levitation trick, you’re going to see just how simple it is to float in the air.

Street performer
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Street performer

In all magic acts, there is a “trick”and there is no exception for those who claim to be able to levitate. If you look closely, the trick is quite easy to see.

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The Stick Shot

If you look closely at what all of these performances have in common, there are two essential elements. First, there is a stick that supports the magician, and there is always a base that is hidden, either by a rug or by a second person.

The base actually hides a pedestal or stand which the stick is attached to, and is used to to support the weight of the magician.

The levitating person is, therefore, sitting on another structure parallel to the first that you can’t see, because it has to be camouflaged by the very often extravagant decor.

As a result, there are two stands that are balanced by the stick and the performer doesn’t have to do anything, apart from sit still.

Check out the video above to see the trick deconstructed!

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