Have you ever wondered why you can't drink through a McFlurry straw?

McDonald's workers have taken to TikTok to supply knowledge to the masses on how the hollow McFlurry straws are really used.

McFlurry the best ice cream treat
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McFlurry the best ice cream treat

Every time you roll up to McDonald's and buy a McFlurry you would receive a hollow square strawwith a spoon at the bottom. However, if you try to drink through the straw nothing happens.

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Well, it turns out that the straws are not for drinking through. One McDonald's employee has released the big secret on TikTok giving users a run-through of how the straw is really used and it turns out the function is not really made for customer use.

The video reveals that the hollow part of the straw is actually made for mixing the delicious creamy treat. The videos creator adds the soft serve to the McFlurry cup and dumps on the delicious chocolate toppings. Then, the spoon is placed inside the McFlurry and attached to a mixer that uses the spoon to mix the toppings the whole way through.

The video gained quite a mix of reactions with some claiming the tip is already well known while others had their mind absolutely blown just like one commenter who stated:

Wow! You just solved one of my entire life mysteries.

However, other users were furious, pointing out that their McFlurry's were never mixed anyway:

If the spoon is for mixing why don't ya'll ever mix it?
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