Ever Wondered How You Would Get A Car Out Of A Frozen Lake? Watch These Guys Do It Without A Tow Truck

The Russians have crafted a very effective technique to get a vehicle out of a frozen lake…

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Temperatures plummeted well below zero in Russia, but that is not always enough to completely freeze the lakes and turn them into solid ice surfaces. It is not uncommon for vehicles that have been a bit too adventurous to fall into a half-frozen lake. But then, how do you get a car out once this has happened?

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The Russians have a technique of their own that is impressive and quite effective! A good rope, wooden planks, elbow grease and in no time, you're done. We’ll let you admire their work in this amazing video!

A technique that seems well-honed

The men start by clearing space around the car which is almost completely submerged underwater. They then install a traction system using planks of wood assembled together with ropes.

The boards are stuck into the wheels and they just have to pull on them to bring the vehicle back up. If it looks easy when you see this footage, you must remember that it is particularly ingenious!

We just hope that the driver will be more careful the next time because the operation can still be dangerous if the ice gives way...

Check out the video above to see the footage for yourself!

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