Cristiano Ronaldo’s Most Viral Selfie: ‘He Looks Like He’s Having a Stroke!’

The 2010s will forever be remembered for some of the most unforgettable internet crazes and it is this exact digital entertainment portal recently that recently reminded us of the time when Cristiano Ronaldo posted one of his strangest selfies.

Cristiano Ronaldo
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Cristiano Ronaldo

A few years ago, Cristiano Ronaldo uploaded a selfie to social media that disturbed users all over the world. Why? His face appeared to show two emotions at the same time.

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This amusing selfie was shared by someone who goes by the handle @fulldemango and accompanied it with the following caption:

‘How does half of his face look happy and the other half look traumatised?’

And that was all it took for the selfie to go viral and social media didn’t take long to react and create more carnage which it knows how to do all so well: with hundreds of memes.

Some people said that the Cristiano’s incredibly strange face was because of his recent botox. We are all aware of the big physical change that the Real Madrid player underwent in the past.

A few days ago, another photo of him and his model girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez also reappeared, but in which he looked even more different. Could he be addicted to plastic surgery? Check out the video above to see the famous selfie and judge for yourself.

Below are some of the funniest memes that sprung up following his legendary selfie:

'Football takes a back seat': Cristiano Ronaldo is grieving the loss of a loved one 'Football takes a back seat': Cristiano Ronaldo is grieving the loss of a loved one