This Gorgeous Family Home Is Up For Sale - But The Basement Hides A Unexpected Secret

A beautiful five-bedroom home in Philadelphia - Pennsylvania’s largest city - is up for sale, boasting high ceilings and cosy, rustic fireplaces along with two modern marble bathrooms. Listed at the equivalent of a mere £576,000, this sylvan abode sounds like a rare catch. Although, its intrigue is more than first meets the eye...


Whether you're looking to purchase a home for life or simply enjoy the occasional browse through property listings whilst daydreaming, it's fair to say that what you get on the market is more varied than ever before. Among steep prices and having too many housing options to choose from, it's rare to find a beautiful home at anything even close to a reasonable price.

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A gorgeous home, a peaceful surrounding

Now take this gorgeous suburban home located at the serene side of Philadelphia in Glen Maple, tranquil and spacious. Whether you're looking for a quiet retreat or a permanent place to call home, the five-bedroom beauty boasts two marvellous bathrooms alongside a spacious games room and a private gym. With its idyllic setting in mind, the fully-furnished house is selling for 750,000 dollars which equates approximately to a surprisingly-refreshing £576,000 - all in all, fair enough for what you get.

With magnificent high ceilings providing open space and its rustic interior design, it would be baffling not to be tempted by a couple of stays in this colonial, cosy paradise. But that isn't the main reason that this place went viral after making its way onto

A home with 'a sexy twist'

What truly grabbed everyone's attention - and not only those who would be interested in purchasing - was the fact that the fifth bedroom, located down in the basement, is actually complete with a fully-equipped, opulent sex dungeon. Yes, sex dungeon. Yep, this beautiful property certainly offers more than one usually bargains for.

Inside the racy compartment of the home, you can find a cage bed with a vibrant lighting system built at the bottom, a sex swing as well as various whips, chains and restraint methods to appeal to the likes of any sexual desire. So to refer to a previously made point: this home really is a rare catch.

Although whilst most are just mildly taken back by this sort of listing, the locals of the neighbourhood weren't so pleased upon the discovery of this kind of property being put up for sale, blatantly unaware of its raunchy features. A next-door neighbour expressed a particularly strong attitude to the news: 'We're very upset about this whole thing. We do not want something like this in our neighbourhood. Take that off the internet. That's disgusting. We don't want that.'

No need to make the commitment

Despite the uproar, the home is good and ready even for temporary stays which allows those who are after a relaxing trip away to "just be" themselves and enjoy a one-of-a-kind fantasy retreat.

Check out the video above to see the very unusual property for yourself...

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