He secretly filmed the plumbers working in his flat and saw something surprising!

What do the workers you pay to do the work in your house do when they are alone? This hidden camera answers the question. And you won’t be happy about the answer!

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This is a most unusual case. The Daily Mail reported on this story back in 2015, which took place in Liverpool. A man had to call in a plumbing company for some repairs in his flat.

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Cameras to monitor the plumbers

The latter, clearly distrustful, decided to protect himself from any mischief. To do so, he decided to place a hidden camera in his flat to observe the plumbers.

While this may seem too excessive for some, they may change their minds very quickly after hearing the rest of the story. Why? Because it turns out that the man in question did the right thing by protecting himself in this way.

They rummaged through the flat

What was recorded was quite incredible. The two plumbers can be seen rummaging through the flat, laughing, and even looking through a small treasure chest. Were they hoping to find valuables and steal them? It's a mystery.

A few hours later, the owner of the flat returned home with a plumber from the same company, who was probably more honest, and told him about the hidden camera. The plumbers must have felt quite foolish… Especially since the plumbing company announced that it had fired the two unsavoury characters as a result of the affair.

We know many would not have thought this kind of story possible. The proof is that being suspicious like this man can have some advantages. We bet some of you will want to be home the next time the plumber visits!

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