This Mystic River In Laos Is Hiding An Unbelievable Secret

Tham Khoun Xe is known for being one of the biggest grottos in the world and you can make the most of its beauty on a canoe ride along its river that stretches for no less than 7 kilometres.

Tham Khoun Xe
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Tham Khoun Xe

60 metres high, 76 metres wide, an underground river that extends for 7 kilometres, the dimensions of Tham Khoun Xe are staggering!

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As a tourist, you can’t visit the entirety of the grotto because it can be dangerous in some places due to unstable walls, but the experienced adventurers have been able to photograph this incredible place.

Mystic river

As well as being geologically significant, this grotto is very important in Laos’ culture.Discovered in 1905 by the Frenchman Paul Macey, it is also mentioned in certain Laotian myths and legends.

It is said that this grotto is home to spirits that watch over the people who live in the region, but also everyone that enters the grotto, protecting them from accidents.

And believe it or not, no accident has been identified in the Tham Khoun Xe grotto since it was discovered! So, if Laos is on the list of your future holiday destinations, make sure to go visit this splendid place.

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