Doctor removes a horrifying parasite hiding inside a woman's lip

A woman goes to the doctors with a horribly swollen upper lip, and as expected, the doctor's diagnosis is blood curdling.

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At first glance, it looks like this woman just has a particularly plump upper lip, but the reality is much less glamorous.

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According to The Inquisitr, the unknown woman had been suffering for several days when she decided to go the doctors. Her upper lip was swollen and hurt badly. The medical staff quickly realised what was wrong—a parasitic larva had settled there inside her upper lip and was growing at an alarming speed!

The fly that uses other people's bodies as a nursery

Although the scene may surprise us, this isn't an isolated occurrence in South America. There is a species of fly called the Botfly whose larvae are parasites. Botflies usually lay eggs in the nostrils or wounds of livestock animals, but sometimes humans suffer the same fate. This unattractive condition is then called a myiasis.

After some time, after having grown, the young Botflies leave their host once the first phase of their development is over. However, it is better to dislodge these unhygienic residents who can cause serious infections.

In fact, we have already seen Botfly larvae settle in some unusual placesin a woman's scalp or a man's nose for example.

Take a look at the video above to see the operation... if you dare!

She had a cyst removed but doctors discovered something horrifying inside She had a cyst removed but doctors discovered something horrifying inside