The little known Kama Sutra position we should all be trying

Do you want to add a little magic to your sexual routine? We're guessing the answer is yes, of course! You might want to try this new sexual position: the rainbow.

Kama Sutra
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Kama Sutra

When the sun is low and the weather is cloudy, you sometimes get the chance to see a beautiful rainbow on the horizon. And if this phenomenon fascinates you, you probably know the legend: at the foot of a rainbow lies a pot of gold... But if you still haven't found it yet, you should know that the treasure could actually be in your bed!

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With the rainbow sex position, you'll experience real magic in your bedroom! No, you don't have to look far to find the treasure. Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination.

How to do the rainbow position

First of all, you should know that this is not the most comfortable position, neither for men nor women. Some might be more comfortable in the boat position instead.

For the rainbow position, the woman lies on her side with her legs stretched out, while the man, who also lies on his side, slides gently between his partner's thighs. You are both perpendicular to each other. The woman has one thigh resting on the man while the other is on the bed.

For stability, the woman holds onto the man's ankles while he holds onto his partner's shoulders. The two lovers end up in a position that is very similar to a bow. If he is stable enough, the man can use his hands to caress his partner's body, especially her buttocks.

Advantages of the rainbow position

The rainbow position offers new sensations to the woman who is not used to being penetrated from this angle. Her thighs are squeezed tight, which allows the man to enjoy a very narrow vagina, thus increasing his pleasure.

Moreover, for lovers whose body temperatures rise rapidly, there is no risk of overheating! The bodies are not glued together, thus offering great freedom and avoiding uncomfortable sweating. So, ready to look for the leprechaun?

Kama sutra: The sex position that all men love but women hate Kama sutra: The sex position that all men love but women hate