Weight Training: These Are The 6 Biggest Beginner Mistakes

Starting weight training often leaves room for more or less serious mistakes. In order to start in the best possible way, here are the six mistakes that should be avoided at all costs when you are a beginner.

Weight Training: These Are The 6 Biggest Beginner Mistakes
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Weight Training: These Are The 6 Biggest Beginner Mistakes

Starting weight training is already a good initiative. You're finally taking care of your body and getting back in shape. But it can quickly become disillusioning and dangerous to your health if you do not know how to do it properly.

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In a previous article, we had already shown how to recognise a beginner in the gym. Now, it is a question of showing the main mistakes to avoid when it comes to weight training.

#1: Having a bad technique

The basis of weight training, which we keep repeating, is the technique. At first, we tend to try all the machines, without really knowing where to go, and that's normal. It is also normal not to know how to do certain exercises. Before you do anything, ask a trainer to show you how to do it, because starting with the wrong technique is the worst mistake you can make.

#2: Do not make compound movements

When you go to the gym for the first time, you often see regulars doing bench work or deadlifts. Generally, we think that we are not at this level, which is wrong. Doing these kinds of exercise is an excellent way to start weight training. They allow you to build a solid base and real muscular strength in order to progress and go further.

#3: Using too much weight

Often we don't know enough about our own strength, and sometimes we want to go too fast. As mentioned in point #1, technique should be favoured over the amount of weight. Unfortunately, we tend to think we are doing some exercises in the right way using heavy loads, and yet this is not the case. It is better to start with a weight that is more on the light side, than one that is too heavy; this is less risky.

#4: Not working on all angles

To acquire a truly complete musculature and real strength, you have to work your muscles from all angles. If you don't know all the necessary exercises, a beginner will start to form a routine with the same exercises every time. Remember to vary so that it doesn't get too easy, or that you start getting bored.

#5: Being lazy

At first, some exercises can be scary. The deadlift, for example, is an exercise that requires a certain specific technique. However, this does not mean that these exercises should be avoided, especially since they are very effective. You are at the gym to give the best of yourself, not to look in the mirror.

#6: Looking at your neighbour

This is probably the silliest mistake, but it is also the most common for a beginner. Obviously, since we know little or nothing at all, we refer to what we observe around us. However, just because the person next to you looks muscular, doesn't mean he has an irreproachable technique. Not to mention that everyone is different and their training will not necessarily be the right one for you. Remember that everyone starts somewhere, even the most muscular ones. You start where you start, no need to feel ridiculous because you're not lifting heavyweights. Especially since most people at the gym are there to help you, and not to judge you.

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