This is the world’s shortest flight

Flying is a special experience, especially when it takes only three minutes!

World's shortest flight
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World's shortest flight

When travelling long distances, flights are usually the best solution. It allows us to hop through countries and even travel from one continent to another. While most of us are used to checking into a flight that lasts a handful of hours, there is one in particular that is no more than three kilometres, and it even holds the Guinness World Record for the shortest flight! Let’s find out what it is.

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The shortest flight

Preparing for a flight is an under-appreciated art form. The ability to fit days worth of clothing, toiletries, and electronics into one flight-recommended suitcase is quite an achievement. The whole process can be a real source of stress that only ends once your bag is checked in, and you're on your seat and ready to go…

Well, unless you choose to fly Loganair LM711. It connects the island of Westray, in the north of Scotland, to Papa Westray. What’s so special about this flight? It takes no longer than three minutes since the journey between the two islands is only 2.7 kilometres!

Three flights a day

With only eight seats aboard this tiny aircraft, you can expect that only essentials are allowed on board. As reported by Slate, the plane has no screen, no stewardess, but it does have a great view of the countryside. And given that you only have a three-minute window to take in the scenery, you should definitely keep your eyes outside at all times.

However, this flight is more than just a tourist plane. It jets back and forth three times a day, bringing essential items like food and clothing to the scattered residents of Papa Westray—there are less than 100. A boat also travels between the two islands when the weather allows such a trajectory.

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