In Vietnam, you can now stay in a fully gold-plated hotel

Everything in this hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam is gold plated! Yes, everything. So, how would you like to book one golden night in this hotel?

Golden bell
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Golden bell

If you go to the Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel, you might think Midas has his holidays there. One thing is for sure, you might have to wear sunglasses with very heavily tinted lenses so as not to damage your eyes with all of that bling.

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As you can see on the pictures, the entrance halls and the infinity pool have all received a 24-carat plating. In the bedrooms, you can find gold cutlery, gold cups, gold toilet seats and gold shower heads. Makes for quite the luxurious environment!

A hotel priced at $200 million (£142m)

The hotel was built for a total of 200 million dollars. This amount is relatively conservative given the extent of the plating job. It was made possible through the local gold plating supply. Nguyen Huu Duong, chairman of Hoa Binh group which owns the establishment, explained:

Our group owns a factory which can do gold plating, so the cost of our equipment and furniture is quite cheap.

How much does it cost to stay at this hotel?

All you have to pay is 250 euros (£216) for one night, and you can fully enjoy a soak in one of the sparkling bathtubs. The hotel even tells its guests that they could find gold on their plates. A good way to put a glimmer in your life.

This price-tag is a bit higher than the average for Vietnam, but still very much affordable for an experience like this. So, are you ready to book a night in Ali Baba's hotel?

Find all the pictures of this sparkling building in our video.

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