Deadly python attacks man’s testicles while on the toilet

This story is going to make you wince like crazy, especially if you’ve got an irrational fear of snakes.

Python attack
© Werner Stangl/Reuters
Python attack

There's nothing more satisfying than a visit to the loo first thing in the morning—for some, it’s a sacred and personal ritual that they simply cannot do without.

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This 65-year-old Austrian man was looking forward to the same thing in his home in Graz, Austria. He sat down on his toilet to do his business, but soon realised he wasn’t alone. He felt a painful nip in his genital area and when he peered into the pot, he saw two creepy eyes glaring back at him—the eyes of a giant 5-foot python.

How did it slither its way into his toilet?

Pet python’s attempted escape

Turns out this wasn’t a wild python looking for refuge because these types of snakes aren't usually found in Austria. This sneaky snake was actually a domesticated albino reticulated python that was trying to escape from the 24-year-old that lived next door.

Apparently, the 65-year-old man’s neighbour is an avid reptile collector. He has eleven non-venomous constrictor snakes and a gecko that are living in terrariums and drawers inside his apartment. No wonder the snake wanted to escape…

The police suspect that the snake must have made his way into the toilet through the drain pipes. We don't know where it was trying to go but looks like he didn't make it too far.

Calling an expert

After the man found the snake living in his toilet, he immediately called a reptile expert who then retrieved the snake, cleaned it, and returned it to the man next door. The snake-collector is now facing an investigation on ‘suspicion of causing bodily harm by negligence.’

Luckily the snake’s victim has suffered minor injuries and his testes will be making a full recovery.

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