He cut off his own finger after being bit by a snake

A man in China removed his own index finger after he was bitten by a snake thinking it was the regions infamous ‘hundred pacer’ snake.

Man Vs Snake
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Man Vs Snake

This deadly snake has been given the name ‘Hundred Pacer’ because it is believed that the venom is so strong, you cannot walk more than 100 steps before dying.

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So, the man’s reaction after he was bitten by what he thought was a very deadly snake, was not so surprising after all… Being 80 kilometres away from the nearest hospital, removing the appendage that was bitten must have seemed like the best way to stay alive.

The man, known only as Zhang headed to the hospital for treatment after removing his finger and wrapping his hand in cloth, leaving what he believed to be his no longer viable finger behind.

A totally unnecessary action

After arriving at the hospital Zhang told his doctor, 'I chopped it off to save my life,' and according to Fox News. The doctor then told him that it was completely unnecessary to remove the bitten digit.

As it turns out, the venom of the ‘hundred pacers’ isn’t actually as toxic as it’s believed to be. While it is dangerous and can definitely cause fatalities with common symptoms being severe bleeding, swelling, necrosis and heart palpitations, the reputation that this snake has, has been blown a bit out of proportion.

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You're looking at something special. This is a 100-Pacer Pit Viper from Taiwan (#Deinagkistrodonacutus). While certainly not the monsters some make them out to be, they are indeed HIGHLY VENOMOUS! Apparently, this species is a "find-of-a-lifetime" for many herpers. Me, on the other hand, I just got lucky. A couple veteran snake guys were generous enough to let me tag along with them this weekend in some prime snake habitat in Northern Taiwan. While I have MUCH to learn about snake photography (very different than bugs, lemme tell ya), there's definitely something about photographing an animal with hemorrhagic venom -- adds a little adrenaline to each snap of the shutter! 😳 #100pacersnake#pitviper#herpetology#herptiles_#reptile #exploretaiwan#iseetaiwan #insectguru#excellent_macros#mta_macro#electric_macro#tgif_macro#macro_freaks#kings_insects#tgif_insects#top_macro#macro_captures#kings_macro#splendid_kritterz#Arthropod_Perfection#ip_insects#insects_of_our_world#macroworld_tr#macro_mood#nature_sultans#macro_highlight#wms_macro#macrointhewild#igmw_macro

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There is, in fact, an antivenom available and usually, patients will survive provided they’ve sought treatment for the wound within 6 hours of being bitten. If Zhang has brought his finger with him the doctor said they could have even reattached it.

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