Shark attacks drunk man urinating in the sea in Brazil

A 51-year-old man was mauled to death by a shark while he was urinating in the sea.

Shark attack
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Shark attack

The last thing you’d expect when you’re taking a leak in the ocean is a shark attack, but that’s exactly what happened last Saturday at Piedade Beach in Jaboatao dos Guarapes in Brazil.

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Shark attack

51-year-old Marcelo Rocha Santos was drinking with his friends when suddenly he needed to go to the restroom. He decided to relieve himself in the ocean, but ended up getting mauled to death by a shark. His hand and a chunk of his leg were bitten off and when his friends took him to the hospital he was declared dead.

According to local reports, the incident took place at 2 pm in the afternoon in an area of the beach where 12 other shark attacks previously occurred. The sea was particularly choppy at the time, and while there was a lifeguard on duty he assumed nothing would happen because the water was only upto the man’s waist. Little did he know that there was a shark lurking in the shallow waters.


Mechanic Edriano Gomes, who was at the scene, told reporters:

It was a friend of mine who was in the sea with the person who was attacked. Suddenly, he saw the man struggling.
There was a lot of blood in the water.

Ademir Sebastiao da Silva, a swimmer who was also urinating right next to Santos when the attack took place, managed to escape without a scratch. He said:

As the beach has no bathroom, I went into the sea to pee. I was beside him with the water up to our waists.

The shark returned to the depths of the waters unidentified but experts believe that it could have been a bull shark or a tiger shark.

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