Man Narrowly Avoids Death After Playing Dead in the Face of a Tiger

One man saved his life by holding his breath and playing dead while a tiger sat on top of him—thankfully, onlookers helped to scare the tiger and chase the exotic animal away.

© Unsplash

A man had the scare of his life a few short days ago in Maharashtra, India. Parveen Kaswan, an IVS officer, shared the viral video of the man underneath the tiger.

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In the video, the tiger’s face is super close to the man’s face. Scary, right? We don’t know how he pulled off playing dead so well! Kaswan tweeted the brief video with the caption:

“You want to see how a narrow escape looks like in case of an encounter with a tiger? Tiger was cornered by the crowd. But fortunately, the end was fine for both man and tiger. Sent by a senior.”

But that wasn’t the longest video of the scary incident. In the comment section, someone kindly shared the full-length video, which unveils the entire scary incident.

When you watch the video, you’ll see a group chase the tiger away, but as the tiger is leaving, it grabs onto one poor man and sits on top of him. But the man somehow keeps his cool and lays still.

Once some people began to chase after the tiger, it ran away! It seems the exotic animal was just as scared as the people. So did anyone (and any animal) get hurt?

No! Thankfully, both the tiger and the man are okay. One Twitter user wrote, “This is sheer luck for the man. His calm behaviour and courage helped him. Glad that both the tiger & the man are safe. God was kind to both.” Want to watch the incident? Take a look at our video!

Woman narrowly avoids being attacked by a bison after playing dead Woman narrowly avoids being attacked by a bison after playing dead