This Man Survived A Shark, Snake And Bear Attack In Less Than 5 Years

So you think you’re jinxed? It can't be as bad as the story of Dylan McWilliams, who is a rather unfortunate young man!

dylan mcwilliams
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dylan mcwilliams

Does your toast always fall on the buttered side? Have you just smashed your phone screen? Do you think you have bad luck? This is all nothing compared to the plight of Dylan McWillliams, who has been living through hell over the past four years.

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In this time period, the young 20-year-old American has been attacked by a snake, a bear, and a shark! He told of his numerous adventures in the newspaper Honolulu Star Advertiser. A few months ago, Dylan was bitten by a rattlesnake during a hike in Utah. He managed to recover without consequences, and was only ill for a few days. The next trauma was inflicted by a bear. While he was at summer camp in Colorado, the teen woke up suddenly with his head between the creature's teeth; it had tried to wound him heavily. He escaped with nine stitches on his scalp.

And finally, the last ‘exploit’ to date - a shark attack. Dylan McWilliams was peacefully bodyboarding off the coast of Hawaii, when he found his leg seized by a 6-foot tiger shark. The expert of survival tactics managed to free himself and to swim 100 feet to the beach, before warning the lifeguards. ‘I didn't know if I lost half my leg or what,’ he explained.

He recovered with seven stitches. More fear than harm done. At least until his next misadventure...

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