A python was about to make a meal out of this dog

This man almost lost his dog, which had been caught by a python. But his owners showed incredible courage and managed to save their pet!

Python eating dog
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Python eating dog

In the Karnataka region of India, one can sometimes encounter dangerous creatures, including deadly snakes. A couple's dog crossed paths with a python, which decided to make it its lunch. The snake then began to wrap itself around its prey in order to suffocate it, before swallowing it whole.

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An incredible act of courage

Fortunately, the owners arrived in time. They courageously tried to scare the python away by hitting it with a branch. After a few seconds, the snake released its grip and slithered off into the bushes to find another victim. One thing is certain, the owners saved the life of this poor animal!

This was an act that could be described as heroic when you see the imposing size of the reptile! See for yourself by watching the video above.

Protecting your dog from snakes on walks

Sometimes you don't have to go far to find snakes. In Europe, most species are harmless. So don't worry! However, vipers can be dangerous for dogs. Their bite can transmit venom.

The first thing to do if your dog is attacked is to immediately locate the wound. The paws are often the most exposed to this risk. You should not use venom spray, or put cold on the bite, but immobilise the dog to limit its movements and prevent the venom from spreading. The best thing to do is to take your dog to the nearest vet as soon as possible.

If you see a snake near your dog, tap the ground hard from a distance. The snake should be frightened and slither away quickly.

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