One man was given a shock as a deadly brown snake emerged from his kitchen sink

One Brisbane man was given a huge shock as his hand was just inches away from a deadly eastern brown snake that slithered out from his kitchen sink.

Deadly eastern brown snake
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Deadly eastern brown snake

While brown snakesdon't look like the most exotic or venomous snakes in the word they are actually very deadly. The snake gave one Brisbane based man a huge scare as it crept up from the drain in his kitchen sink.

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The eastern brown snake is native to Australiaand accounts for 60% of all snake bites in the country. One bite from one of these bad boys can result in cardiac arrest and blood haemorrhaging and subsequently death. Luckily there is an anti-venom for brown snakes available if you can make it to the hospital on time. Strangely enough, they are also bred as pets in Australia for those who are really after a challenge.

Michael Hilliard found one of these brown snakes coming up from his kitchen sink and told 9News that his hand was just inches away from it:

It was just a bit of a surprise. I'd popped my hands in and it was like 'woah what was that'. Then I found out it was a juvenile eastern brown so I phoned up the snake catcher and he said yes it is.

Hilliard had called for snake catcherSteve Brown to retrieve the snake but it managed to slink away down into the dishwasher without being caught. Hilliard stated:

It was a bit of a shock because they're pretty lethal. Thank God it didn't get me. You'd think they'd be nice and quiet there.

The brown snake is actually the second most deadly land snake in the world and while this one looks to be a bit on the smaller side it could still pack a lethal punch.

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