Are these trainers black or white? The Internet is divided

This new photo is giving many people a hard time. In your opinion, is this pair of trainers black or white?

Are these trainers black or white?
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Are these trainers black or white?

Our brains play tricks on us, more often than we think. This is what happens when we are presented with an optical illusion. It often takes several minutes before we can understand the method for understanding what we are seeing in front of us! That's why the web is full of these illusions that are both frustrating and addictive!

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One pair of trainers, two different colours?

For several weeks now, an image has been going viral on the web. It all started at the beginning of January 2021 when an internet user shared a photo of a pair of trainers on his Twitter account. For the moment, nothing out of the ordinary, but just wait…

His trainers can be seen in the photo on a black background with several Louis Vuitton logos.

In his tweet, the photographer asked internet users:

Do you see back or white trainers here?? This is confusing my brain with what people are saying they see.

Since this post, the web has been abuzz. There is so much doubt that some people have even launched polls. 43.7% of people see white trainers and 54.1% see them as black. Yes, more than 2% of the internet users see them as neither white nor black, so who is right?

Are the shoes black or white? Twitter

The brightness of the screen

Some people have managed to solve the mystery surrounding this pair of trainers. Once again on Twitter, some people explained that by raising the brightness of your screen, you can see that the trainers are in fact white! You just have to brighten up the image.

Not convinced? Then check out the video above and give us your opinion!

Optical Illusion: This Photo Is Actually Black And White! Optical Illusion: This Photo Is Actually Black And White!